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Designation definitions

Ever wonder what the letters behind an advisor’s name stand for?
Here is a list of what they mean. We strongly believe in continuing education and offer support to our advisors who want aspire to achieve such designations.

Offered by Advocis, the Financial Advisors Association of Canada. Through the course of study towards the CFP® designation, financial planners learn the fundamentals of building a comprehensive financial plan. CFP certification provides assurance that the planner is committed to internationally-recognized professional standards of competence, ethics and practice, as set and enforced in Canada by FPSC – Financial Planning Standards Council

This individual is a financial advisor with advanced knowledge in wealth accumulation and retirement planning. An advisor with the CH.F.C. designation is an expert in retirement planning and capital accumulation strategies.

This designation sets an advisor apart as someone with expertise in the field of health insurance advice, including income replacement, disability, critical illness, long term care and group benefits.

The Chartered Life Underwriter designation is a professional credential earned by financial planning professionals. There are educational, experience and ethics mandates needed to earn the CLU designation. Along with passing the CLU exam, each applicant must pass a comprehensive curriculum of 10 college-level courses, have extensive experience in the industry and preserve the integrity of the designation by subscribing to a strict code of professional ethics.

This person is a professional advisor specializing in developing effective solutions for individuals, business owners and professionals in the areas of income replacement, risk management, estate planning and wealth transfer. For more than 80 years, the CLU designation has been widely recognized as a mark of excellence in the industry.

The EPC designation is awarded upon successful completion of a course of study that looks at the unique needs, wants and issues of today and tomorrow’s elder population.

The Financial Divorce Specialist is an experienced financial planner who is trained in issues related to divorce, and who is required to meet high standards for continuing education. The FDS works with lawyers and mediators during a divorce action. The specialist is often engaged by one party of the divorce, but may assist both parties in presenting the financial analysis used to develop settlement proposals.

A key function of the Financial Divorce Specialist is to identify the personal preferences, expectations and opportunities that the client brings to the table, and to help design a settlement proposal that will maximize client satisfaction within the available options. In particular, the specialist offers the following services: educating the client about the tax and other financial consequences of retaining or giving up certain assets; understanding the value of pension plans and other investment instruments; developing a range of possible settlements or scenarios, and modeling the various long–term outcomes through the use of specialized software; and, counseling the client on budget management during a difficult period of transition.

An RHU is a professional financial advisor specializing in living benefits, including income replacement and risk management solutions for individuals, business owners and professionals. It is the only designation in Canada denoting specialized knowledge in all areas of living benefits.

This course provides a detailed look at how clients plan for retirement, how they use their financial assets during retirement and how they make financial decisions related to retirement. Course participants also take a detailed look at the estate planning process and the many considerations and strategies involved in developing an estate plan.